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Quilting fees are based on the size of the quilt and the type of batting selected. The basic custom quilting price of $0.035 per square inch includes Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton/polyester batting and all cotton thread, regardless of number of color changes. Other batting choices below will increase the cost. If you wish to supply your own batting, check the "No thanks" box above. If you require specialty techniques or specialty threads, the final cost will be negotiated at the time you bring in your quilt. Basic quilting includes custom treatments in blocks and borders. Highly custom and Heirloom quilting techniques are priced from $0.04 to $0.05 per square inch and include more intricate designs, such as very tight stippling, trapunto, grids, and complex feather designs. There is a minimum charge of $45.00 for small quilts. Edge-to-edge designs with no border treatments are specially priced at $0.03 per square inch.

This form is for estimating purposes only: the actual cost will be determined when your quilt is received. We have had to raise our prices in late 2008 because of the rapid increase in shipping costs for thread and batting and the increase in base prices for these materials.

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